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About Susan

Let your light shine so brightly that others can see out of the darkness.


Susan T. Ouellette


Welcome to my landing page. I am so grateful you found me.

A Little bit about me:

First and Foremost I am a Single Mom of 3 amazing men.

The tragedy that defined my childhood and most of my adult life was the accident that left my dad confined to a wheelchair.

In my late teens, I went to college and earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Management. 

In 1993 my Father sadly passed away or went home I like to say. I decided to return to college in 1997 and received my degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.  Working in that field for over 20 years gave me the abiltity to meet so many amazing people at that time, I firmly believied it was my job, my purpose. My mission to help everyone I possibly could. My mission was: “If I can help one person live a quality of life they may not have, I have done my job” Was I wrong! That is not my job at all and *newsflash* it is not yours either.

In the year 2015, when I thought my life was turning for the better I had a huge wake-up call.  My lesson came when I Managed to survive a near fatal motorcycle accident, finding my way back to a "normal" lifeI What is normal anyway? Has led me on one of the most incredible journeys I have ever been on. 

During my recovery, spending countless "what-if's" gave me time to wonder what I was really living for; and how I could find something that could finally give me a sense of purpose. "Living in Constant Fear" was a huge past-time of mine.


What I neglected to “innerstand” is simple:

 "Fear doesn’t exist unless we allow it to exist" Wait, What?

I had been given a chance at life again and the opportunity to dance with my Father in Heaven?...

Waking up in a Hospital Bed. unable to feel my legs, having no memory of who I was and what happened was an ah-hah moment for sure.

Being in so much pain, put on so many drugs. halted my ability to get out of bed and function on a daily basis and seemed impossible.

Until I said "NFM" and decided to take my life back. I made the choice, to no longer allow drugs, family, or friends to trigger me, I knew!

Returning back to school, pursuing a license as a Holistic Practitioner gave me the personal journey I have searched for my entire life.

My personal Journey has now become a kind of cleaning house; getting rid of those left-over bits and pieces of *stuff we carry with us that no longer work for us anymore. Some of it has been hard to release, however; I am taking it one-step at a time. The goal I am aiming for is being able to continue to look at myself in the mirror and say…Hello Susan, welcome back.


Let's Talk Wellness:


My New Journey: 

As a licensed specialist in the study of Holistic Massage. I use methods & healing tools specifically for you, to assist with removing the obstacles that have kept you stuck. 

I define the journey of self-care and self-discovery for you. My “SusanityLife” mission: “If I can help one person heal from within and take back the life they deserve, I have done my job”.

As an Author, Radio Host, Spiritual Channeler I have the abiltity to here messages fromm the other side and help you heal from your past and find your path. If you are Ready?


I firmly believe, my clients, people that are willing to do the work.  Represent the best among us and deserve a one-of-a-kind treatments expressly tailored to their needs. This is what Susanity provides.


Truth: No two people are exactly alike. While they may have similar issues and histories, they will rise above their challenges in different ways.  

Specializing in Holistic Wellness Therapies may help you find your way to your journey. Are you ready to take that "Leap of Faith?"

Let's Do This Together,

Love & Light,

Susan T Ouellette


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