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Your Intuition Is There To Guide You However, Sometimes You're Just Too Close To The Problem Or Situation.  This is Where My Readings & Channelings Come In.

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Online & In Person Intuitive Readings & Channeling Sessions.

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Intuitive Susanity Reading & Channeling Session.

Using Channeling and my ability as a healer I am able to tap into the spiritual world through a much higher power offering you guidance through intuition and connections to the Divine.

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Life Coaching With Susanity

Susanity Life Coaching

During our life journey sometimes, we get stuck or feel out of place in our lives. We wonder why am I here, what is my purpose. You could be at a crossroad or need a change in your life and you have no idea where to turn or how to make the necessary life-adjustments to regain your power. Maybe you are having relationship, career, or addiction struggles that have taken over who you are and stopped you from enjoying the things you enjoy in life. There are many reasons we get stuck in the pit of abyss in our lives, held back, or confused as to what is next for us and there are many ways to combat the problem.

Susanity Life Coaching can help you get “unstuck”. By tapping into your spiritual essence as a human being it can help you find your passion, fulfill your dreams and your life purpose. It can help you overcome the emotional blocks and fears so their will be no obstacles standing in your way to achieving what you want to.

During our coaching session I will use my psychic gifts to guide you along this new path. I will help you gain the confidence within yourself to truly love yourself, the person you see staring back at you in the mirror and give you the tools to help you move your life forward the way you choose so you can have mind, body, and soul peace and abundance.  To give you the happiness and love in your life that you deserve. I will help you find your way to your guides and teach you how to connect to your own essence of spirituality and show you why this is important in your life.

You will leave this program with a bigger understanding of where you want to put your focus in life and how to get there. This Program focuses on the exact cause of what is holding you back from your destiny.

Our first appointment we will discuss and review what you need and put a plan together to allow you to move forward in your life. You will leave each session with a better understanding of why you have the roadblocks in your life situations and with “homework” to continue to achieve your goals.

Never allow your fears and struggles to hold you back from the life you deserve to live. Call or email me today so we can start re-building your life the way you want and create a life of love and happiness that you are meant to enjoy.

These sessions can be done in-person, zoom, or on the phone.

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