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What a home really is…

I Am Grateful.

Those are the words that popped in my head as I drove into my driveway and looked at my home…

As I sit in my driveway and look at the broken deck, junk underneath, poorly landscaped lawn, I think how grateful I am.

To simply have a home.

People all over the world live in poverty, homeless, with no one and nothing to count on, to go home too.

I’ve realized over the last five or more years that it’s not the “things” that matter.

What matters is your home.

Not just your physical home, your home inside of you.

Years ago when I was going through the broken pieces of my marriage I came accross a book called “The Shack” it was about a Shack however; not a real physical Shack, it was a Shack within.

We all have a “HOME”within us. We all can find that “HOME” if we “CHOOSE” too.

What do you fill your “HOME” with?

Where is it that you go to find your “HOME”

I’ll leave you with this.

You have all heard that “Home is where the heart is”

Now Look At You, your heart is within you.

That’s your HOME…

Have an awesome day everyone, sending

Love and Light to you all, ❤️

Susan T Ouellette



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