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MEMORIAL DAY "What it means?"

Good morning beautiful souls! How are you on this amazing Memorial Day Weekend?

I thought I would take a moment to bring to LIGHT The main reason we celebrate Memorial Day. MEMORIAL DAY is a day to celebrate all those who died in active military service, A Day to remember all those who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their lives for Us. Do you know how lucky you are to have these soldiers on our side? The fact that these people would be willing to give up their lives for the safety of everyone is the reason we should honor and be grateful. Life is a gift that very often people take for granted and some don't realize that it can be taken in a moment. These PATRIOTS do. So this weekend, let's raise our flags and hang them high to all of those who served and continue to serve. Have a joyous weekend my beautiful soul family. In GOD we trust!!!

Love & Light,

Susan T Ouellette

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