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I believe in you

I believe it is normal to want a good life, a life where we can no longer be afraid of what is coming next. When we can wake-up and say Today is going to be a great day and I can’t wait till tomorrow. I believe that when we are ready to look back at all our choices, we have the ability to see how often we have given away our power without even realizing it. I think we have to find a way to forgive ourselves if we want to move forward.

Yes, you were crazy. Try not to do it again, okay?

Realizing how all the wrong decisions I made happened in the middle of a high adrenaline rush is something I continue usually on a daily basis to attempt come to grips with.

Accepting my flaws without hating me and finding a way to disconnect the Helpless Damsel Trigger is a constant struggle, because it’s about my reluctance to really believe in me.

Realistically. It’s crazy to think that anyone I could depend on to be a strong, mature, caring partner would be willing to put their life on hold indefinitely and give away their personal power.

The idea that they would promise to do something so impossible should have been the biggest red-flag of all, and yet that was the trigger that made me come when they called.

If anyone promises that they will take care of you, hold your life in their hand… they are dreaming in technicolor. It’s not possible. Literally not possible.

You can’t breathe for someone else. You can’t think for someone else. You can’t walk or talk or make their heart pump, no matter how much you wish you could. I think there are times when we all wish we could turn back time and undo our crazy decisions and dumb mistakes. If we could, here’s the problem, as I see it: {We would never learn why it’s important to open our eyes and see who we are and recognize and respect our personal power}. How else can we own our failures and successes? How else can we say, This is mine today.

I think that when we are finally able to see… when our eyes are finally open we can start to figure out the best way to avoid giving away our power And then we can smile at the person we see and find a way to say, I believe in you. Please keep believing in Me.

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