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"Messages From Your Inner Child" is a series of 'Insights on Life' books designed to identify the five areas we struggle with in life.

My Books

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Messages From Your Inner Child:
Book One: Everything's Going To Be Fine

From our earliest moments, we connect in stages: with ourselves; with others; and then, gradually, with the rest of the world. Each time we do, it’s an even chance that we’ll get it wrong before we figure it out. There are Five Books in this series. In Book One we learn why we need to listen to the voice of our Inner Child.


Messages From Your Inner Child:
Book Two: You Don't Need Them Anymore

In Book Two, we find out why we keep attracting toxic people and what it takes to let them go.


Messages From Your Inner Child:
Book 3: You're Exactly Who You Were Meant to Be

In Book Three, we take a look at the damaging things we're willing to do when we can't accept ourselves as we are.

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Messages From Your Inner Child:
Book Four: You Are My Hero

In Book Four, we learn that Trust is a process of discovery: a rite of passage; a way of setting standards that honor and respect our vulnerable boundaries.


Messages From Your Inner Child:
Book 5: I Believe in You

Book Five asks us to think about two very difficult questions: Why are we so afraid to see the power that we possess? What makes us so willing to give it away before we’ve had a chance to say This is mine, today?

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