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Energy Healing Services

Clear Energy Blocks, Experience The Ancient Art Of Reiki Healing & Raise Your Frequency & Vibration With The Following Services At Susanity. 

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Susanity; Experience The Full Holistic Service.

Using Swedish, deep tissue, tuning forks, reiki, polarity, and crystals this is the whole package. This treatment will assist in regenerating the body while offering relief from pain. Promote a deeper relaxation while allowing the body to flow naturally the way our bodies are intended to. People are never exactly alike, while they may have similar issues and histories, they will rise above their challenges in different ways. This session is a one-of-a-kind treatment expressly tailored to your needs.


Clears energy blocks in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems and creates harmonious flow of energies in the body. Will promote deep relaxation, improve mental clarity, emotional stability and overall feeling of well-being.

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An ancient art of healing. Reiki energy flows from the therapist’s hands into the client and opens energy blockage and blocked thinking patterns. Reiki can alleviate pain and stress, promote restful sleep, healing in the body, and relaxation.

Tuning Forks Chakra Healing

Using vibration combined with Reiki & Polarity therapy, combined with the healing properties of crystals, music, aromatherapy, tuning forks

chakra healing will help restore your chakras, (energy flow centers throughout your body) and recalibrate your inner energy while allowing a balance to your full body.

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